Start a Freezone LLC company in Dubai, UAE

Start Freezone company in Dubai

Dubai has a very attractive business environment with tax exemptions, so-called free trade zones. Freezones, strategic location, advanced infrastructure and a business-friendly atmosphere. These factors make Dubai one of the best choices for starting and running businesses today for many entrepreneurs.

How to start a company in Dubai

We help you develop your business with a company in Dubai

Are you planning to move to Dubai? Dubai offers tax-free Freezone LLC companies with 2-year residency. can help you start a business in Dubai, get a 2-year residency card and move to Dubai!

Dubai Freezone company is a company that conducts business outside of Dubai and does not sell a product or service to persons or companies in Dubai.

If you instead want to start a business in Dubai and sell to residents in Dubai, you start a Mainland LLC instead. Note that from January 1, 2023, there is a 9% tax rate on mainland LLC companies.

You read more about tax and corporate tax in Dubai here.

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What is best for you? tillhandahåller kostnadsfri konsultation om företagsbildning i Förenade Arabemiraten och Dubai till befintliga och potentiella kunder.

Which Freezone?

We offer many company formation options here in the UAE for both onshore, offshore and free zone companies.

Get started quickly

The business formation application process begins once all required documents have been received.

Residence permit in Dubai

After your company in Dubai receives its corporate number, the authorities will process and stamp your UAE residence permit.

Bank account

We believe it is important for a company to have a corporate onshore or offshore bank account.

Move to Dubai

One way to easily move to Dubai is to start a Freezone company. In this way, we apply for a 2-year visa and you get a residency card, which gives you access to live in Dubai. When you move, we recommend that you notify the Swedish Tax Agency.

Tax free...or?

You and your company are two different things

A Dubai Freezone company is tax-free, but if you live in Sweden, you must of course declare your income from Dubai in Sweden!

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Do you have plans to start a company and move to Dubai?

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